Release: September 1, 2020

Formats: CD - CASSETTE

   Label: Cryptorium Records

        1. A Knife To Your Throat
        2. The Enemy
        3. 4WD Mayhem
        4. Imperial Fires
        5. Rot & Decay
        6. Killed By Redirected Fumes
        7. One Day In Pain
        8. Stealth Killer
        9. Pit Of The Hungry
        10. Fist Hammer Chainsaw

Recorded at NO Productions Studio - Stockholm
Mixed and mastered: Håkan Stuvemark
Rogga Johansson . Vocals

Nicke Olsson: All Rhythm guitars, Bass and Drums
Lux Niger at Midnight Horror - Cover Photo

Layout: Thomas Väänänen

All Music by: Nicke Olsson

All Lyrics by: Rogga Johansson